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SKF Training Courses

Courtesy of SKF The performance and durability of bearings does not depend solely on the quality of the bearings themselves, but also on numerous other factors that it is essential to understand fully.

For this reason, the SKF Service Unit organizes training courses for anyone who works closely with bearings. The courses last between two and three days.
Theory lessons and practical exercises are held in fully equipped teaching labs to help participants develop a thorough understanding of bearings, the equipment they form part of and how to mount and unmount them, as well as lubrication, sizing and control techniques. Participants are also given an awareness of the various industrial sectors in which bearings are used.

On request, entry-level courses can be designed to meet specific training requirements.

The four areas of expertise

The SKF program is sub-divided into four sections, each of which covers specific learning objectives: Maintenance; Reliability and Diagnosis; Design, and Maintenance Engineering.
For each area, a detailed breakdown is supplied to illustrate the general outcomes and the relevant application environment. Each course is identified by a unique code. By clicking on the hyperlinks below, you can learn in more detail about the programs, objectives, dates, duration and costs.

 Reliability and Diagnosis
 Maintenance engineering


Given that maintenance is no longer considered a chore but, rather, an operation that adds substantial value, it is essential to refine maintenance strategies and techniques on an ongoing basis. SKF Reliability Systems offers high-level training on this cutting-edge subject, covering everything from customized programming to the pro-active part that can be played by the machine operator.

2005 Modules
  • Introduction to roller bearings (code: DMR1)
  • Applications and maintenance of roller bearings (code: DMR2)
  • Shaft alignment techniques for machinery with moving parts (code. ALR1)
  • Balancing techniques in the field (code: BIR1)
  • Roller bearing lubrication and its effect on the reliability of the machinery (code: LUB1)
  • Course on industrial reducers (code: GBR1)
*  Course schedules and subscriptions

All the course are held at the SKF Service Center, located at the following address:
Centro Servizi SKF Industrie
Via Pinerolo, 54 - 10060 Airasca (TO), Italy